This tool generates a visual representation of the EOS mainnet blockchain, including ephemeral "micro-forks". Such anomalies may occur as a result of high network latency during the handoff between BPs, and/or in the case of suboptimal peering, leading to slots being missed or blocks produced twice. It is important to note that the data used to generate the graphic is based on data that we see based on our vantage point on the EOS peer-to-peer network, thus it may include/exclude "micro-forks" that others may or may not see.

这个工具可以绘制 EOS 主网区块链,包括它的短暂性“微型分叉/microforks”。 “微分叉”这种异常现象可能是由于BP交换的时候的网络延迟高而造成的,或是在次优配对的情况下,导致丢块或者重复出块。 要强调的一点是,绘制图表的数据基于我们在P2P网络上的制高点,因此它可能包括/排除可能是其他人看不到/看得到的“微分叉”。